Feeling Like a Kid Again

Jun 3, 2024 | written by: patty

patty as a little kid

Feeling Like a Kid Again:

The Journey Back to Drawing

When I say that I had not drawn in years, that’s not entirely true. I still doodled from time to time, sketching out the comedy that is my life in little stick figure drawings of my mornings with the kids. My husband says his favorite drawings of mine are the stick figures I would draw at 4 AM when one of my children woke me up and I couldn’t fall back to sleep.

Art Supplies Shopping

Over the past few years, I found myself adding art supplies to my old art toolbox that had been collecting dust. Each new purchase was to create new art pieces with my children. I got some sketchbooks and pencils from my brother for one birthday, and my husband gave me an iPad, which I instantly started drawing on Procreate.

Overcoming Creative Pressure

Every time I opened my sketchbook, I overthought what I should draw, thinking it had to be some masterpiece when, in reality, it didn’t. I put too much pressure on myself, the same kind of pressure I felt in my advanced art classes that pushed me away from art altogether for many years. Do I regret stepping back from it? Absolutely. I didn’t realize how lost I was and how therapeutic diving into my art could be. drawing of patty thinking what to draw

Embracing the Artistic Process

These last few months, I’ve been gathering old projects I want to rework, jotting down ideas for new projects, and I can’t wait to get to them. If only I had the time and days to fulfill them. Thankfully, I have a supportive husband who lets me buy all the art supplies I want and cheers me on while I make a mess on our dinner table. He still says his favorites are my stick figures.

The Therapeutic Power of Art

I honestly feel like a little kid again when I pick up whichever medium I’m going to draw with next, whether it’s a brush or my Apple Pencil. It’s the therapy I didn’t know I needed to feel like myself again. I’m no medical professional, and I do believe we all need therapy and should seek it (I am), but finding joy in an old hobby could be a start to healing or reconnecting with a part of you that was lost due to life circumstances. I hope I don’t let go of this joy again. I told my husband that we’re going to be that old couple that hosts garage sales with all my artwork that I’ll accumulate over the years to come.

Encouraging Creativity in My Kids

I love watching my kids get lost in drawing too, and I hope I provide the support they need to keep going. They each have their own style already and are experts in their craft. My daughter loves to draw kittens and families; my son loves to draw the solar system and comic books (he has six books all done by him). He loves to make art packages for his sister, he loves to make cards and storytelling. My toddler loves to draw blobs with eyes and arms, but her motor skills are amazing for her age. My son and oldest daughter did not have this skill set at three, and I can only imagine how much she will improve when she’s as old as her sister.

My son's drawing planets with no reference

A Creative Family Tradition

My brother is an artist too! We have that creative gene from my mom, who I remember used to draw beautifully when I was younger. She stopped for various reasons and says she’s going to pick it up when she retires. I think I’m going to buy her a sketchbook and some pencils to get those creative juices flowing again.


Finding Your Inner Child

Do you have an old hobby or something that makes you feel like a little kid again? Tapping into an old passion can be incredibly fulfilling and therapeutic. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or any other creative outlet, give yourself permission to play and create. It might just be the therapy you need.